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    Gas Flaring Recovery

    Unique innovative solution for Gas Flaring Recovery which enhances Production and reduces its environmental hazards.

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    Cathodic Protection

    Pipeline undergoing Cathodic Protection installation after site surveys carried out for soil resistivity, current drain, ground bed location, CIPS, DCVG and routine monitoring.

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    Transformer Rectifiers

    The installation and commissioning of Cathodic Protection System (Transformer Rectifiers) installed at ESCRAVOS for CHEVRON GAS TO LIQUID PROJECT (EGTL).

Our Profile An introduction

Mountleigh Oil and Energy Limited is an oilfield service company that was incorporated in Nigeria in the year 2010. Our local input and expertise in the Oil and Gas industry is stimulated by the technologies of our reputable global partners who have more than 20years experience in this field. Our long-term goal is to be the best and most reputable oil servicing company providing value-for-money quality services to our clients, as well as satisfying them and giving optimum returns to our shareholders.

We are professionals in this field and we are keen on conducting every of our operations without compromising safety. Mountleigh works with integrity and high ethical standards “TRACE Certified”. We respect the laws of Nigeria as well as conform to all professional standards in the conduct of all our business.

What We Offer A brief explanation of our services portfolio:

Mountleigh makes available to our client a production technology that is extremely effective at harnessing existing energy sources for motive flow within the production process, such as a compressor on recycle, or a high pressure well in order to boost the production rate of low pressure wells or replace compressors. Rapid deployment of this technology can enable you to increase production from 10%-40% quickly and simply for very low CAPEX and minimal OPEX.
We have also created another platform through which solutions are provided to mitigate the internal corrosion challenges for pipeline operators. This effective technology has saved many pipeline operators the headache of facility emergency shut down due to leaks which usually lead to loss in revenue and increase in CAPEX. Also, most pipeline operators have increased production of their pipeline products at the optimum system designed pressure without pipeline blowouts due to the use of this internal corrosion monitoring and control technology.

Lastly, the relationship with one of our partners who manufactures Molecular Sieve Adsorbents (Beads) provides very good opportunities for local refineries, gas plants and other companies cited in Nigeria to access this unique most effective adsorption materials with ease for their operational enhancements.

At Mountleigh, we offer innovative technologies that are cost effective, along with safely carried out operations in other to ensure customer satisfaction.

All the above services include commitment to providing an efficient and comprehensive after sales service including installation, commissioning and relevant field training to operate and maintain the installed equipment/systems.

We are all about safety 1st and quality always.

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Our Partners Our sole and exclusive partners in Nigeria are:

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