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Flare Recovery in the Oil and Gas Industry

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Flare Recovery – Traditionally, in the Oil & Gas industry, waste and surplus gas has been disposed of by flaring to atmosphere. Today this process is becoming increasingly unacceptable as the industry progresses towards eliminating the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, whilst simultaneously conserving energy.

Therefore, the demand for equipment that can safely and economically compress waste and surplus gas back into the production process is rapidly increasing.

An Ejector is simple device that uses the energy of a high-pressure fluid to entrain and compress a low-pressure fluid. Ejectors are ideally suited to this application because they employ either the available high-pressure gas or liquid energy to entrain and compress waste and surplus gas to a pressure where the gas can be recovered into production or used as fuel gas. Ejector offers the unique technique for flare gas recovery and zero flare solutions.

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