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Mountleigh Oil and Energy Limited at Society of Petroleum Engineers Port Harcourt Monthly Technical Meeting

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On the 28th of June, Mountleigh was at SPE Port Harcourt monthly meeting to make a presentation titled “Low Capex Ejector Solution for Production Enhancement”. This presentation detailed all aspects of the Ejector technology that is extremely effective at harnessing existing energy sources for motive flow within the production process, such as a compressor on recycle, or a high pressure well in order to boost the production rate of low pressure wells, recover flare gas or replace compressors. Rapid deployment of this technology can enable you to increase production from 10%-40% quickly and simply for very low CAPEX and minimal OPEX).

SPE Ejector Technology Presentation

Mountleigh Process Engineer, Nita Ememerurai Presenting

The SPE event focused on ‘Ejector Technology’, it also brought together members from SPE Port Harcourt Chapter and its environs. This was presented by our Process Engineer, Nita .U. Ememerurai; below are the excerpts from the presentation:

  • What are Ejectors:

An Ejector is a simple device that uses the energy of a high pressure fluid to entrain and compress a low pressure fluid. It is a low CAPEX equipment and easy to install. They also have no moving parts and therefore, no maintenance (OPEX) is required. It is a proven technology that has been deployed to combat gas flaring associated with oil and gas production activities globally.

  • How Ejectors work

An Ejector is a simple device which uses the energy within a high pressure fluid to entrain and compress a low pressure fluid to an intermediate pressure.

  • Why choose Ejectors

  1. It has no moving part
  2. Requires no maintenance
  3. Low cost and weight
  4. Short payback period
  • Patented Universal Design Ejectors

The Universal Design allows for the Ejector’s internal parts to be easily changed-out to maintain optimum performance as your process conditions change over time.

  • Production/Pressure boosting opportunities

  1. Boost pressure of low pressure gas wells or fields
  2. Increase production/recovery from mature oil and gas wells
  3. Revive liquid loaded wells
  4. Eliminate or assist intermediate compressors
  5. Debottleneck compressors
  6. Enhance artificially lifted wells
  • Additional Benefits

  1. Ejectors can also be used to recover flare gas using high pressure liquid or gas in order to prevent pollution and tax liabilities.
  2. Breakthrough in research for Liquid Jet compressors with more improvement to come.
  • Various case studies were shared

  1. One case study, is the Chevron Gemini field 50 km away from the production platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The LP wells were poorly performing due to liquid loading on the pipeline. An Ejector was offered to use available energy from Compressor recycle gas at 400 psig to lower the separator pressure by 200 psig. This further resulted in a pressure drop of 140 psig at the wellhead, thereby, enabling the loaded wells to produce consistently. Due to the wellhead pressure drop and lower pipeline pressure losses, production increased by 24%. Also, 2.5 Bscf of otherwise lost reserves was recovered.
  2. Another case study, is for Shell Denmark. Production was disrupted due to a gas lift well workover and a temporary solution was needed to maintain production from the LP multiphase wells. Side stream from an existing water injection pump at 209 barg was used to power the Ejector. LP well was boosted from 3 barg to existing separator at 37 barg. This was the only available option for the short-term production issue and multi-phase flow from the LP wells was handled by the Ejector.


SPE Ejector Technology Presentation1


SPE Ejector Technology Presentation2

MD/CEO Mountleigh in the middle with Process Engineer and SPE members Port Harcourt



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