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Mountleigh Oil & Energy Ltd can in conjunction with our partner PECO FACET, design, size, deliver and install a complete range of filtration solutions. Delivered by nigerians for nigerians.

Oil & Gas Production (Upstream)

Shale gas presents challenges for traditional technologies in maintaining clean gas / liquids for sale and managing flow-back and produced water. PECO FACET can be your contaminant removal partner to offer cost effective solutions to these problems. We maintain a stock of high performing treatment solutions.

Natural Gas (Midstream)

PECO FACET offers an array of filtration products for natural gas transmission and processing.  Our patented PEACH® Gemini PuraSep® technology provides unparalleled filtration performance for removal of solid contaminants and aerosol liquids. We offer a wide variety of products for removing solids and liquid contaminants from liquid streams including XtreamPure® and XtreamPhase™.

Refinery & Petrochemical (Downstream)

PECO FACET excels in development and implementation of contaminant management solutions that perform in the most rigorous applications. Our process starts with analyzing process streams and identifying the contaminant characteristics. Then applying a solution that is geared toward the full spectrum of contaminants that are likely to challenge the process. With a deep portfolio of advanced technologies, commercial value, and global synergies, we can deliver innovative filtration solutions that address the evolving needs of the refinery / petrochemical market.


PECO FACET offers cyclonic, filtration and coalescing solutions to the Ethylene market. Coke build up in Ethylene production can cause big problems. PECO FACET’s unique Coke Removal Unit (CRU) can handle a heavy coke inlet load and provide a high separation efficiency.

• Eliminate environmental pollution
• Improved primary tower efficiency
• Energy savings
• Lower maintenance costs
• No cost for waste disposal


PECO FACET offers a wide variety of water treatment and separation units. These have been field proven over years of application experience. Most of these units are based upon the patented MPak® technology. In addition, our sewage treatment units include the latest in bio-processing technology.

The following products are offered:

• Process water treatment
• Produced water treatment
• Rail water treatment
• Oil / Water separation technology for Oil & Gas markets
• Waste treatments plants, which can be installed in little villages (up to 2,000 inhabitants) which treat domestic water for reuse without generating muds and smells.


Clean water is important to all of us on this planet. PECO FACET in combination with BioprocessH2O and other Clarcor companies offer solutions to water treatment challenges.

Commercial Aviation

Since developing the first Aviation Coalescer in 1943, our advanced filtration and separation technologies have been at the forefront of Aviation fueling. From the refinery to wing tip, our line of aviation products ensure that clean, dry fuel is maintained every step of the way.

Military Aviation

The Military has depended on our fueling expertise dating back to World War II. Today we supply qualified filtration and separation products throughout the world for all types of military fuels.

Commercial Marine

PECO FACET offers many treatment products used for all kinds of boats, from small fishing boats to huge passenger or cargo ships. Our experience makes their installation and operation easier for the operators. PECO FACET’s continuing R & D efforts have resulted in a wide range of products that have made us a leader in the maritime market. We offer a wide range of fuel and water treatment products and systems meeting the latest requirements.

Military Marine

PECO FACET offers fuel, lube oil, and water treatment units designed specifically for the military marine market. We have delivered units meeting the most stringent requirements and certifications including shockproof, soundproof and anti-magnetic products.

Our know-how in filtration and separation, together with our experience in handling of fueling systems, has enabled us to develop an expansive range of Marine products. Today we supply filtration for inflight fueling, Seawolf and Virginia Class Submarines, DDG Class Destroyers, AOE Class Fast Combat Support Ships, USNS Class Cargo and Medical Ships, LHD Class Amphibious Assault Ships, CVN Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carriers, MHC Class Mine Hunter and MCM Class Mine Countermeasure Ships.

Offshore Marine

PECO FACET provides total filtration solutions by bringing together the products, experience and expertise needed for your company to get the best results in your offshore facilities. Discover our range of products specially designed for the offshore market, from units of filtration and separation to sewage and fuel treatment systems.

Power Generation

Natural gas continues to grow in importance for fuel to generate electricity throughout the world. PECO FACET has been a premier supplier of natural gas treatment and conditioning solutions for decades. For liquid fuels and biofuels, PECO FACET’s background in fuel treatment is unsurpassed. In addition we offer a variety of contaminant removal technologies and products geared toward meeting customer needs.


PECO FACET specialises in oil filtration for the Utilities Industry. Our products can reduce maintenance and operating costs by keeping the insulating oil clean as new.


Fuel cleanliness is of the utmost importance when availability of machines and low maintenance costs are desired. This is particularly difficult in the harsh dirt filled mining operations. PECO FACET offers a complete line of bulk fuel treatment options for removing dirt and water which can contaminate fuel.

Our sister company Baldwin has air, lube oil and fuel filtration solutions for all mobile equipment.