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Mountleigh Oil & Energy Ltd supported by our partner ZEOCHEM can diagnose, analyse and solve all your gas absorbent issues.

ZEOCHEM’s proprietary manufacturing processes utilize the latest processing equipment and computerized process control systems to manufacture a wide range of high quality molecular sieve adsorbents. Strict QC controls from raw material to finished product ensures optimal performance.

Industry leading technical service paired with extensive experience in the field of adsorption allows ZEOCHEM to continue to be a leading supplier of high-quality molecular sieves.

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Adsorption Products for the Natural Gas Processing Industry
ZEOCHEM offers a wide range of molecular sieve products for natural gas dehydration and treating to meet final pipeline and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) quality. Our molecular sieves are effective in removing contaminants during gas processing for equipment protection and for the recovery of Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) products. Plants that use turbo-expansion technology or cryogenic processing to recover heavier components utilize ZEOCHEM molecular sieves to dry their natural gas and be able to reach the required low dew points.

Some examples of the duties that our products and services are used for in Natural Gas processing plants include:

• Straight Dehydration: The molecular sieve adsorbents we offer include our well known ZEOCHEM Z4-04, which is a premium Natural Gas dehydration product installed in processing plants around the world. Z4-04 was developed with a high equilibrium capacity for moisture, excellent dynamic characteristics and top performing hydrothermal stability.

• Dehydration with removal of sulphide species: If COS minimization is essential, or if a minimum co-adsorption of hydrocarbons is required, ZEOCHEM can design a process and provide a 3A product to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

• Removal of H2O, mercaptans and other sulphur compounds: ZEOCHEM 13X and 5A products, in combination with our patented process technology, can be effectively used to sweeten Natural Gas streams in gaseous or liquid applications.

• LNG ‘peak shaving’ dehydration and CO2 removal: ZEOCHEM molecular sieves and designs are widely used in the cleaning of liquefied natural gas (LNG) when demand is high and the LNG is ready to go from storage to the grid.

Zeochem Sieve Loading ZEOUSAIndustrial Gas

High purity industrial gases such as O2, N2, H2 and CO are manufactured through defined, highly specialised production processes. These processes include essential separation stages, where high quality ZEOCHEM molecular sieves play an indispensable role, worldwide.

Cryogenic Air Separation Units (ASU)
In order to separate air cryogenically into oxygen and nitrogen the air must be treated in a front end purification process to separate out H2O, CO2, N2O and smaller hydrocarbon molecules. Over the past 30 years ZEOCHEM has developed a number of 13X and LSX molecular sieve products which allow tremendous performance advantages to be achieved:

• High dynamic capacities for the removal of impurities

• Excellent adsorption and desorption kinetics (extremely long CO2 breakthrough times)

• High physical stability of the beaded product

Products such as Z10-02 and Z10-08EP have proven in a large number of reference plants worldwide the outstanding performance in the pre- purification process. Some of these products combine the ability to not only adsorb carbon dioxide and water but also nitrogen oxides and smaller hydrocarbons, molecules which increasingly must be removed from the air due to increased environmental requirements.

Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen Units (PSA) and Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen Units (VPSA)
Another way of separating air into oxygen and nitrogen is pressure swing adsorption, either with pressure, PSA, or using a vacuum, VPSA. Here we recommend using ZEOCHEM’s sophisticated 13X- and LiLSX based molecular sieves.

For these non-cryogenic O2 plants, ZEOCHEM also offers a variety of adsorbents with high N2 capacity and high N2/O2 selectivity. The latest generation products such as Z10-04, for PSA units, and Z10-05-03, an advanced LiLSX adsorbent for VSA plants, provide customers with improved plant economics.

Hydrogen PSA Units
For the purification of hydrogen ZEOCHEM recommends the use of a high quality 5A product which is designed specifically to remove CO molecules via a PSA process. This product, Z5-01, is successfully in use in numerous hydrogen plants worldwide.


Distillation of ethanol is only possible up to the azeotropic point at 95.6% volume. Nowadays the preferred technology for the dehydration of ethanol beyond this azeotropic condition is pressure swing adsorption using synthetic molecular sieves. This dehydration step is necessary for the ethanol to meet the fuel grade standard of >99% or >99.5% ethanol. Other industrial and food applications may require even more stringent purity levels in the final product.

ZEOCHEM is the global leader in supplying molecular sieves for the ethanol dehydration market. Over 70% of the ethanol plants in the USA, Brazil and the rest of the world have been using ZEOCHEM’s Z3-03 molecular sieve.

Zeochem Sieve Loading ZEOUSA 2Petrochemicals

The effective dehydration of cracked gases and olefin streams is critical to avoid freezing or the formation of hydrates during cryogenic processing. Molecular sieves are used to remove water and other contaminants such as sulphur in these olefin streams.

The diversity of the cracked gas feedstock and the reactivity of the streams processed present particularly demanding challenges to this adsorption application.

ZEOCHEM molecular sieves have been developed for use in the following applications:

• Naphtha feed dehydration

• Ethylene (product), Propylene, butadiene and other feedstocks dehydration and purification

• Cracked gases and liquids dehydration and purification

• Ethane and propane feed dehydration and purification


ZEOCHEM offers a wide variety of adsorbents to remove contaminants from hydrocarbon streams in diverse refinery applications. Contaminants such as COS, CS2, H2S, HF, oxygenates, ammonia (NH3) and other nitrogen and sulphur compounds can be removed using ZEOCHEM products in regenerative and non-regenerative adsorption processes.

These adsorption processes can include mixed and single bed designs of activated alumina, silica gel and molecular sieves for both gaseous and liquid states:

• Reforming processes – removing HCl, water and/or H2S from hydrogen or CCR naphtha streams

• Alkylation units – HF and sulphuric aci alkylation feed drying and purification and HF removal from propane and butane

• Isomerisation units – for dehydration and contaminant removal from C5/C6 feed streams

• Production processes for MTBE/ETBE – dehydration and purification of the streams for catalyst protection purposes

• Cryogenic separation processes – hydrocarbon drying up-stream of the cold box

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