Internal Corrosion Control


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As metallic structures corrode externally when they are exposed to water, also do internal parts of metallic structures corrode as they encounter water.

Mountleigh Oil and Energy Limited offers the specialized services to mitigate the rate of internal corrosion through chemical injection and monitors the rate of corrosion through coupon installation, retrieval, and analysis. Notably, our partnership with RCSL significantly contributes to our expertise in internal corrosion control, enhancing the depth and effectiveness of our solutions including to make available a comprehensive range of materials and designs to meet your requirements in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. All materials are traceable, tested and certified according to the project requirements

RCSL’s products allow monitoring of internal pipe conditions while the pipe system is in service. Our Triseal® Access fitting systems, coupons, probes, retrieval tools and service valves offer a complete turnkey solution for monitoring of internal corrosion rates and providing accurate data for operators to adjust and optimise their chemical dosing accordingly.


Application of Internal Corrosion Control

Internal corrosion services we offer for pipelines:

Through these services we saved most facilities from emergency shut down

  • Installation of Monitoring coupons
  • Installation of ER corrosion probes
  • Installation of LPR corrosion probes
  • Coupon and probe retrieval and analysis
  • Chemical injection and sampling systems


RCSL has a global reputation for quality and service. For more than 30 years we have been supplying corrosion monitoring solutions to a global client base that includes the following:

Shell • BP • Aramco • KPC • Dragon Oil • ADCO • Exxon Mobil • ADNOC • KOC • CPECC • Petrofac • Chevron

RCSL have completed many major projects in recent years and their products are available in Nigeria through Mountleigh Oil and Energy Ltd to help you specify, design, build, install and maintain any system from the simplest Corrosion Coupon system to the highest complexity Project requirements, especially in the oil and gas industry. RCSL’s design and manufacturing capability, experience and quality are key strengths in assisting you at every stage of the project.

FAQs About Internal Corrosion Control

Internal corrosion can compromise the integrity of pipelines and equipment, leading to leaks, failures, and safety hazards. It can also result in production losses and costly repairs.

Water content can enhance the corrosivity of the produced fluid. Proper water treatment and removal are crucial to mitigating internal corrosion risks.

Corrosive elements include hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2), water, and various contaminants. These substances can accelerate the corrosion of metal surfaces.

Monitoring techniques include corrosion coupons, corrosion probes, ultrasonic testing, and intelligent pigging tools that inspect the interior of pipelines for signs of corrosion.

Common methods include the injection of corrosion inhibitors into the production stream, the use of corrosion-resistant alloys, cathodic protection systems, and regular inspection and maintenance.