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Filtration and Separation

Mountleigh provides coalescing, filtration and separation services for the Oil and Gas, petrochemical, refining, marine and aviation industries. We design, size, deliver and install a complete range of filtration solutions for following applications:

• Oil water separation
• Wet gas filtration
• Dry gas filtration
• Water treatment for injection or disposal
• Liquid/Liquid Coalesce separation
• Air intake filtration (Gas Turbines)
• Amine/Glycol filtration.
• On Line Testing service (gas and liquids)

Contaminant monitory and Analysis

Our Scientific Process Solutions (SPS) utilizes different testing protocols to measure the many types of contaminant. This enables us provide the exact degree of filtration for our clients. Our testing capabilities include:

• On site natural gas laser aerosol particle counting and distribution measurement
• On site natural gas total suspended solids (TSS) measurement
• On site natural gas microscopic solids particle sizing and distribution
• On site liquid contaminant microscopic particle sizing and distribution

Filter Cartridges and Housing

We select and design cartridges and housing that suit each costumers need based on the contaminant.

Filtration and Separation - Mountleigh
Filtration and Separation - Mountleigh