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Oil and gas reservoirs usually contain water, oil, condensate, solids, sand and gas. Produced water is water recovered alongside oil and gas during processing. Water is usually separated and reinjected into the well to maintain the reservoir pressure for optimum recovery. Alternatively it is disposed of at sea or Sewage. However, stringent regulations must be followed before reinjection or disposal.

Mountleigh provides Produced water treatment and sand management services that meet Client requirement and government regulations. Our technical team would select the most suitable technology after analysing the process conditions. At the design phase we pay particular attention to the foot print, weight, type of operation (Manned or unmanned) and maintenance.

We can also retrofit existing Produced water treatment facilities to increase efficiency and capacity, replace existing spare parts and offer consultation services.

Process Description

Desander Hydrocyclone

Sand production can be damaging to well head chokes and process equipment. Gravel packs and other sand control measures can fail at certain point in time. Mountleigh can provide Desander hydrocyclones placed either at the well head or production manifold to separate sand from well fluids or downstream a separator. Our Desander hydrocyclone are designed with ceramic liners which makes it resistant to erosion.

Desander Hydrocyclone

Deoiling Hydrocyclone

Our Deoiling hydrocyclone reduces oil in water content to 200-100 ppm. Hydrocyclones generate a rotating motion as water enters the liners tangentially. This creates centrifugal forces that pushes the denser water outward and down the cone while oil moves to the core and upward.

Deoiler Hydrocyclone Skid

Gas Floatation

This system uses gas bubbles to direct oil droplets upwards by centrifugal forces. Gas bubbles adhere to the oil droplets, thus reducing its density. This causes the oil droplets to float upwards where it is skimmed off. The unit consists of a recycle stream of clean water that feeds in gas through an Ejector thus creating fine bubbles.

Nut Shell Filters/Cartridge Filters

Mountleigh can provide further treatment of 5ppm or less of oil in water with a tertiary system. This could be with back washable nutshell filters or cartridge filters.

For Nutshell filters, oily water enters the vessel and flow through the Nutshell media. The media physically adsorbs the oil and fine solids, preventing these from passing through the vessel. Over time, the oil and fine solids accumulate on the media. To regenerate the filter media, the vessel flow is reversed thus washing the adsorbed oil and fine solids off the media. This method of filtration is suitable for unmanned facilities. Otherwise, Cartridge filters can be used. The filters would be changed as often as required.

Nutshell Filter System

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