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Ejector Technology

If you have a high pressure source, we can save you money with our field proven Ejector solution. This innovative and cost effective solution can be used to enhance production and recover flared gas using existing high pressure sources or energy otherwise wasted. At Mountleigh we work closely with our clients to identify possible Ejector applications, design and manufacture an entire Ejector package to suit each individual needs, install and commission.

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How Do Ejectors Work

An Ejector is simple device that uses the energy of a high pressure fluid to entrain and compress a low pressure fluid.

The operation is based on Bernoulli’s principle which states that as the velocity of a fluid increases, the pressure decrease. In the Ejector, as the fluid passes through the nozzle, the velocity increases, creating a low pressure region within it. This region entrains and compresses the secondary LP stream which we call the suction fluid. As the combined HP and LP streams pass through the Ejector’s diffuser section, the velocity decreases and the pressure is regained, resulting in an intermediate pressure, which lies somewhere between the LP and HP inlet pressures.

Production Boosting

Ejectors offer an attractive solution for boosting production of LP wells and in the process extending field life. Most commonly, shut-in or liquid loaded wells can be revived, as well as satellite or stranded wells deemed too expensive to recover with ‘traditional’ techniques.

In the figure below, wasted energy across choked HP wells is used to ‘drive’ an Ejector, which not only delivers the HP gas at a suitable lower pressure to meet downstream conditions, but also lowers the back-pressure of the LP wells, bringing them back to life.

Kindly give us a call to revive dead and shut-in wells.

Intermediate Compressor Replacement

We can completely replace an existing 1st stage compressor, in a compressor train with Ejectors. With no maintenance and utilising available energy, this approach reduces CAPEX and OPEX.

In the figure below, high pressure gas from a 2nd stage compressor is used to power the Ejector. The Ejector discharges at the required 2nd stage compressor inlet pressure, thus eliminating the need for an expensive 1st stage compressor.

Why Choose Ejectors

• Relatively low CAPEX, very low OPEX
• Utilises energy otherwise wasted
• No moving parts
• Minimal to zero maintenance
• Proven reliability & low risk solution
• As simple to install as pipework
• Operates on gas, liquids or multi-phase
• Patented Universal Design means performance is easily adaptable to changing well conditions.
• Low weight and small footprint
• Handles solids, two-phase flow and liquid slugs without damage
• Boosts low pressure source by up to 150 times (liquid motivated option)
• Suitable for topside, subsea, FPSO or onshore installation
• Suitable for remote, unmanned, hazardous installations
• Eliminates the need for intermediate compressors
• Short payback period moving quickly into profit generation
• Extends field life and is an economic solution to late life developments

Ejector Technology - Mountleigh
Ejector Technology - Mountleigh
Ejector Technology - Mountleigh
Ejector Technology - Mountleigh
Ejector Technology - Mountleigh