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Internal Corrosion Control

As metallic structures corrode externally when they are exposed to water, also do internal parts of metallic structures corrode as they come in contact with water.

Mountleigh offers the specialized services to mitigate the rate of corrosion through chemical injection and monitors the rate of corrosion through coupon installation, retrieval and analysis.

Internal Corrosion Services we offer for Pipelines:

Through these services we saved most facilities from emergency shut down

• Installation of Monitoring coupons
• Installation of ER corrosion probes
• Installation of LPR corrosion probes
• Coupon and probe retrieval and analysis
• Chemical injection and sampling systems

How Retriever Works

The Retriever and Service Valve permit safe and simple removal of the full range of retrievable monitoring probes, coupon holders and chemical injection whilst the pipeline or vessel is under operating pressure. For ease of reference, the item to be retrieved is herein after referred to as the “device”.

The retrieval tool has been designed to operate on the principal of balancing the pressure acting on the internal surfaces of the tool so that no resultant force is applied to the retriever moving parts whilst the equipment is being operated. Retriever tools are sized to accommodate different pipeline pressures and probe/device lengths. All the materials of construction comply with the requirements of NACE standard MR-01-75 (92).

Equipts/Materials available through us from OEM Partner:

• Tee and No-tee fittings
• Seals and O-ring
• Coupon Retriever and kits
• Service valves
• Chemical injector and Sampler
• Hot tap tools

Areas of need for Internal Corrosion Control

• Surface pipeline and Buried Structures – water, oil, gas and product pipelines
• Refineries – petrochemical and other processing plant
• Power Station – cooling water systems.

As much you are concerned about the external corrosion of your product line facility also look for the hidden corrosion inside. Contact as today to help from any unplanned hazard.

Internal Corrosion Control - Mountleigh